Do you feel weakness, dizziness with the lack of energy? Do you have pale/grayish skin and dull and haggard look?These are the main symptoms of anemia.Other symptoms include poor memory, ringing in the ears, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath on exertion, slow healing of wounds, and mental confusion.What is Anemia?Anemia is characterized by a deficiency of red blood cells and /or hemoglobin. In people with anemia, the body makes too few red blood cells, loses too many of them, or destroys them before they are replaced. Hemoglobin is the main part of red blood cells. It is responsible for transporting oxygen throughout the body. Anemia is not a single disease. It is an indication that something is wrong.Different kinds of anemiaThere three kinds of AnemiaIron deficiency anemia which is caused by blood lossMegaloblastic anemia which is caused by abnormally large red blood cells.Anemia of chronic disease which is caused by the destruction of red blood cells.Once your doctor has determined the cause of your anemia, he or she can recommend an appropriate course of therapy according to the kind of anemia you have. You can heal anemia with Complementary Treatments too.


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