Cross-server boss and Cross-server bidCombined with the pet system, this system distributes the players randomly into battles. And it is an opportunity for the players that reaches Lv.54 to prove themselves by challenging the cross-server boss. The rewards are based on the DMG rank in Cross-server Boss battle, which is similar to the World Boss Mode. Only if the hero managed to do over 0.1% damage to the boss, you can join the cross-server bid, where participants can bid items, Pets and Pet’s items (Fashion). Pet SystemNow players can take their exclusive pet to prepare an exciting pet fighting! Players who reached Lv.54 can activate various pets using their cards. After being activated, your pet would not only fight for you, but also follow your character in towns, which highlights its special ability and personality. And they can change their pets’ skins by using the skin card. At the same time, your Dragon would still be with you and it can be switched to your pet in maps.


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