Friends Of Distinction Grazin In The Grass Pop Punk cover rearranged by Punk Cover Moose | hotel-cha-am
A Pop Punk cover song by Punk Cover Moose of Grazin In The Grass by Friends Of Distinction (1968) This Friends Of Distinction song (Grazin In The Grass) was a really fun Pop Punk cover! Im not sure if it is one of my best cover songs or best cover but It was a fun Pop Punk cover for sure! The chorus was hard to sing at first but once I got it, it turned out to be a fun chorus to cover!Official Kickstarter: to another Pop Punk cover by Punk Cover Moose!Subscribe: free: http://www.punkcovermoose.comBuy this on iTunes: at the New Kensington Arts Center - you dig itI can dig it he can dig it she can dig it We can dig it they can dig it you can dig itOh lets dig it Can you dig it babyWant more than a Pop Punk cover by Punk Cover Moose?Web - www.punkcovermoose.comFacebook - - @punkcovermooseSnapchat - punkcovermooseMy band -


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