Patrick Hill, evaluated data from the Midlife in the United States (MIDUS) study and found that...14 years after 6000 subjects were asked various questions that gauged negative and positive emotions, those who reported having a greater sense of purpose and direction in their lives were more likely to outlive their peersThose with a sense of purpose had a 15% lower risk of death in comparison to subjects who said their lives were more aimless, and age was not a factor, as subjects found direction in their 20s, 50s or 70s Happify reports that... 40% of an individuals happiness is up to him or her Including, how he or she spends their time and their thoughts90% of people say they have a major regret about something in their lives Regret is the second most frequently mentioned emotion after love. You now have the opportunity to deliver key information that millions of people need with the highest quality content in various media that you can be proud to share with your audience.All the research and hard work has been done for you to reach this massive audience!including a ton of DIVERSE CONTENT and many EDITABLE SOURCE FILES SO YOU CAN USE IT IN UNLIMITED WAYS With an eBook


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