Ulama are the heirs and successors of the prophets as well as connectors to the teachings of the prophet, so that we can distinguish which are halal and which are Haram, which ones are falsehood, so we must care for the successors of the prophets to prepare cadres ulama Studio Kutubut Turots:It is undeniable to be able to read and understand quraan, hadith, kutubut turots, and Kitab-kitab kuning must master the grammatical knowledge of Arabic or nahwu and one of the nahwu learning goals or grammatical Arabic as found in imrithy nadhom:Being a common concern today, every person, young man, if he finds his running problems always to GOOGLE, if he wants to solve his running problems always to GOOGLE, does not know the law to run to GOOGLE, what is more dangerous is not knowing the religion always to GOOGLE even though he does not know which is lawful and which is haram, which is the right and which is vanity which in the end establishes a wrong and misleading law because he does not know the legal basis and has never studied the legal basis of the Quran and Hadith or from kutubut turots (kitab kuning) the legacy of the ulamas


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