Is your home breaking apart? Do you experience electrical faults, peeling wall paint, termite ridden wooden panels, rats, cobwebs on wall corners, unsightly dirty bathrooms, broken furniture, etc. You need home maintenance for these headaches. Check with us - the dependable home maintenance people. We can do an evaluation of the state of the house and present you with a renovation proposal that corrects all the faults. We charge very reasonable prices for all work done. We will consult you if there is a need for additional work beyond your budget. A wonderful house should be a great home for living happily. Dont let leaking plumbing and unsightly peeling paints on the wall spoil your mood. Spend some money and enjoy your most important asset - your home. You would like to come home every day from work to a comfortable and beautiful home. There is no better company which can provide excellent service. We are the professionals. Home maintenance Singapore.


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